Here are the guitars that I could not imagine ever selling


Gibson Les Paul Custom

This is my Gibson Les Paul Custom,

I married this guitar in 1978

Martin 000

This is my Martin 000M, Solid spruce top and Mahogany back and sides

Fitted with Martin Thinline Gold + Plus (Fishman)


Takamine F360 MIJ webTakamine F360 Made in Japan 1978

Made in Japan 1978  Fitted with Martin Thinline Gold + Plus (Fishman)

Faith Venus

Faith Venus electro acoustic


Antoria Jazz star

This is my Antoria Jazzstar…. such a distinctive sound


Yamaha SA2200

This is my Yamaha SA2200…..

End of search, this is the most versatile guitar I own


Fender strat seymour web

Korean Strat fitted with Seymours

Little 59 neck, Duckbucker middle, Hotrail bridge

Coiltaps and Fishman powerbridge Kluson tuners

Yamaha FG110web

                                                Yamaha FG110 circa 1973



Ibanez rg mij web

                                              Ibanez RG Made in Japan



Gibson ES335 webGibson ES335 Dot


Martin Backpacker web

                                     Martin Backpacker


Tanglewood 5 string banjo webTanglewood 5 string Banjo


Ozark 6 string banjo webOzark 6 String Banjo